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Metrology Challenges for Microfluidics is at CMM, the Commercial Micro Manufacturing Magazine

The work on “Metrology Challenges for Microfluidics” by Henne van Heeren (enablingMNT Group), Vania Silverio (INESC MN), Christina Pecnik (IMT Microtechnologies) and Elsa Batista (Portuguese Institute of Quality – IPQ), is on CMM Magazine

Standardisation of performance characteristics is needed for the different classes of microfluidics components, including test conditions, measurement protocols and guidelines; because, so far, each microfluidics product is tested according to its own protocol, making generalising the result and bringing that information back to the design and fabrication stages difficult.

Read the full article here


MFMET was presented at Workshop OoC : vers une création et une structuration de la filière!

The Consortium, represented by CEA Leti (France), presented the MFMET project “La microfluidique au cœur des OOC : avantages et enjeux de la normalisation” during the Worksop OoC (organs on Chip) held on February 23-24 in BioValley, France.


The 1st MFMET Newsletter is out

The Consortium, coordinated by IPQ (Portugal), summarized the Project News and Facts, Highlights and Dissemination in the 1st Newsletter, which can be read here.


MFMET partners were at CIM2021

The Consortium, represented by IPQ (Portugal) and LNE-CETIAT (France), presented a poster during the 2021 International Congress on Metrology, CIM 2021 held on September 7-9 in Lyon, France.
The partners took this opportunity to present and explain in detail the MFMET project (objectives, work plan, impact). The congress, dedicated to metrology advances and innovations, welcomed more than 1000 participants from 45 countries and allowed the attendant for a virtual or physical attendance of the conferences and round tables organized.

The MFMET poster which was presented can be seen here


MFMET 1st Advisory Board Meeting

The 1st MFMET Advisory Board meeting was held virtually on the 15 of November 2021, hosted by IPQ. Advisory Board members are Marko Blom from Micronit, Hugo Bissig from METAS, Nicole Pamme from the Stockholm University, Alexios Paul Tzannis from NILT Technology, Bertrand Cinquin from ESPCI Paris and Xize Niu from the Southampton University.


Survey on leakage testing of microfluidic devices

The MFA together with MFMET are working on the development of leakage test protocols, later made available in the form of whitepapers, dedicated to the needs of the microfluidics community. The community’s input on leakage testing of microfluidics based products is essential to the success of this endeavor. The information supplied will be coded and will remain strictly confidential.
Fill the survey here

Download other whitepapers on microfluidics design rules, guidelines for electrical interconnections to microfluidics and more @


MFMET Publishable Summary

The first MFMET Publishable Summary is out. Read it here


MFMET kick-off meeting

MFMET kick-off meeting was held online on 7th June 2021 and gathers partners from


MFMET will officially kick-off

MFMET officially starts on June 1st 2021 and the kick-off meeting will be held online on 7th June 2021