• ISO/DTS 6417 Microfluidic pumps — Symbols and performance communication. Link
  • ISO/DTR 6037 Automated liquid handling systems – Uncertainty of the measurement procedures. Link
  • ISO 10991:2023 Microfluidics Vocabulary. Link
  • ISO 22916:2022 Microfluidic devices — Interoperability requirements for dimensions, connections and initial device classification. Link


  • 2024-05-30 –> Deliverable 2 – Guidelines for the implementation of consensus-based flow control specifications in the microfluidics industry supply chain. Link
  • 2024-05-09 –> Deliverable 4 – Report on test protocols for liquid properties in microfluidic devices for use in pharmaceuticals, biomedical and mechanobiology applications. Link
  • 2024-05-09 –> Deliverable 3 – Calibration guide for the evaluation of flow-related quantities in microfluidic devices. Link
  • 2024-04-30 –> Deliverable 8 – Measurement protocols for dimensional characterisation of microfluidic components. Link
  • 2024-04-05 –> Deliverable 7 – Landscape document identifying standardization requirements for microfluidic component design and manufacturing with respect to modularity and heterogenous integration. Link
  • 2023-11-29 –> Deliverable 6 – Guidelines for the implementation of standardised methods of microfluidic components focusing on port connection from microscale fluidic channels to the macroscale world and associated changes in flow and pressure. Link
  • 2023-11-29 –> Deliverable 5 – Guidelines for the measurement of key performance parameters of microfluidic connections including the identification of key properties in an interface. Link
  • 2023/05/05 –> Deliverable 1 – Guidelines and a test protocol for flow control evaluating leakage and burst pressure in microfluidic devices. Link


  • MFMET webinar – 01. The role of Metrology and Standardization in microfluidic technology development. Link
  • MFMET webinar – 02. Flow in microfluidics. Link
  • MFMET webinar – 03. Wettability and surface roughness. Link
  • MFMET webinar – 04. Leakage in Microfluidic Devices – detection and quantification. Link
  • MFMET webinar – 05. Interfacing of microfluidic devices. Link
  • MFMET webinar – 06. Measuring the dimensions of microfluidic devices using optical methods. Link


  • 2024/05/31 –> A2.4.3 Documented example of the leakage transfer standards test. Link
  • 2024/05/31 –> A2.4.4 Technical report describing the design, fabrication, and calibration process of the transfer standards. Link
  • 2024/05/30 –> A1.1.5 – Communication report on the definition of flow control concepts terms and components used in microfluidics and related database. Link
  • 2024/05/27 –> A5.1.7 Report on reasons for failure of microfluidic devices. Link
  • 2024/05/09 –> A3.2.5 Documented example of wettability test protocol. Link
  • 2024/04/30 –> A2.2.3 Documented example of the test protocol for hydrodynamic resistance, flow rate and volume. Link
  • 2024/03/21 –> A3.3.4 Report on the geometry and dimension of microfluidic component ports. Link
  • 2024/03/21 –> A4.1.4 Current state of the art of modularity and heterogenous integration of microfluidic systems. Link
  • 2024/01/09 –> A1.3.5 Gaps in microfluidic flow control methodologies. Link
  • 2023/11/12 –> A1.3.2 Existing operational conditions and existing operation protocols for flow control. Link
  • 2023/11/12 –> A1.3.1 Investigation on the State-of-the-art of available methodologies for flow control (nano/micro/meso/macro fluidics). Link
  • 2023/11/11 –> A1.2.3 Documented example of the test protocol for leakage and burst pressure. Link
  • 2023/09/19 –> A1.1.4 Generic specification list for comparison of flow control components. Link
  • 2023/08/30 –> A1.1.3 Using the Database/inventory for flow control components. Link, Link
  • 2023/06/01 –> A3.2.7 Documented example of surface roughness measurements. Link
  • 2023/04/03 –> A2.2.2 Development of test protocols for microfluidic devices. Link
  • 2023/04/03 –> A2.3.2 Test protocols for liquid properties related to microfluidic devices. Link
  • 2022/09/19 –> A1.1.2 Definitions Symbols and Vocabulary of Flow Control. Link
  • 2022/07/15 –> A1.1.1 Literature and market research: definitions, characteristics, specifications, application and function of flow control components. Link
  • 2022/05/24 –> A2.2.1 Literature review of existing metrology and normative standards related to the flow properties and microfluidic devices. Link
  • 2022/04/05 –> A2.3.1 Literature review of existing metrology and normative standards related to the liquid properties and microfluidic devices. Link
  • 2022/03/04 –> A2.1.1 Metrology Methodology. Link
  • 2022/02/28 –> Results from Microfluidics Surveys

* 2021/09/23 – Microfluidics Leakage – The Microfluidics Association
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  • 2022/12/07 –> A3.2.4 Test protocol for surface roughness. Link
  • 2022/06/01 –> The MFA & MFMET – Protocols for leakage testing. Link


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  • 2023/11/03 –> 3rd MFMET publishable summary. Link
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  • 2021/06/30 –> 1st MFMET publishable summary. Link



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