Literature Review on Metrology and Normative Standards

MFMET partners prepared a literature review focusing existing metrology and normative standards related to the flow properties and microfluidic devices.
The literature review addresses the flow quantities set in activity A2.1.3 of the Project:
1- Flow rate (including fast changing flow rates)
2- Flow resistivity
3- Volume, such as internal volume, dead volume and droplet size

Find the document here


Article on Metrology Challenges for Microfluidics

MFMET partners disseminated the work “Metrology Challenges for Microfluidics” on the April issue of CMM Magazine, dedicated to commercial micro manufacturing.

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Report on Metrology Methodology

MFMET partners prepared the report on Metrology Methodology to be used in microfluidics. The document provide a description of a generic methodology of accurate measurement of a quantity by utilizing standardized methods and reference documents, e.g. VIM (International Vocabulary of Metrology) & GUM (Evaluation of measurement data – Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement).

Find the document here


Results from Microfluidics Surveys

MFMET is working closely with the Microfluidics Association and enablingMNT to address Microfluidics Metrological Standardization needs. The results from surveys to the Microfluidics Community can be accessed below.

* Sept 2014 Microfluidic Interconnections and Chips – enablingMNT
* March 2015 Reliability of Microfluidics based Devices and Components – enablingMNT
* Nov 2015 Microfluidics Flow Control – enablingMNT
* Sept 2021 – Microfluidics Leakage – The Microfluidics Association


MFMET Newsletter #1 – January 2022

The 1st MFMET Newsletter can be found here


MFMET Poster presented at CIM 2021

The MFMET poster presented at CIM 2021 held on September 7-9 in Lyon, France, can be downloaded here


Publishable Summary June 2021

The 1st MFMET publishable summary can be found here