The new Joint Research Project – MFMET, Establishing metrology standards in microfluidic devices, funded under the EMPIR program of the European Commission, starts in June 2021 and will last for three years involving 15 partners, including: 7 National and Designated Metrology Institutes (IPQ – Portugal, CETIAT – France, LNE – France, Tubitak – Turkey, DTI – Denmark, CMI – Czech Republic and RISE – Sweden), 4 companies (IMT – Switzerland, microfluidics ChipShop – Germany, Bronkhorst High-Tech – The Netherlands and EnablingMNT – The Netherlands) and 4 Research Institutes (INESC MN – Portugal, HSG-IMIT – Germany, CEA Leti – France and University of Glasgow – United Kingdom)

This project is coordinated by IPQ, the Portuguese Institute of Quality and will focus on TESTING and METROLOGY strategies that are essential to ensure MEASUREMENT ACCURACY and TRACEABILITY of MICROFLUIDIC DEVICES. This will be done through the development of protocols for measuring different flow and material quantities, interfaces, connectivity, modularity and sensor integration and will aid product developers in advancing the field of microfluidics.

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